Saturday, January 31, 2009

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

A lone Howler Monkey stares balefully from the forest canopy. All around me, primates of a distinctly lower order are looking back up. They are Michigan frat boys, and they’re on a nature walk. And nothing says wilderness adventure quite like standing under a tree and making monkey noises while engaging in witty banter.

“Somebody give him a banana.”

“You see that? He’s giving me the finger.”

“Dude, it's black, I can’t believe it’s black.”

“That’s okay man, so’s the president.”

And people wonder why monkeys hurl shit at them.

These guys are like overgrown children, big but soft, loud and demanding of attention. I used to think it was a good thing that Americans get out and see the world. Now I’m not so sure. Maybe it’s just as well if the world only gets to see us on TV.

I’m headed for the airport today, a three hour drive away from the ocean, through the rainforest and back into the volcanic bowl of San Jose. I'm more than a little sad to leave a country that has managed to preserve such a significant portion of its wild places, along with its dignity and grace.


Wendy Lee said...

I would be so grateful if you would learn the difference btwn it's and its.

Paul Souders said...

I'm really more of visuals guy...

Hilton Hamann said...

Hi Paul came across your site from the link at Strobist. Absolutely brilliant! I will certainly be spending a lot more time here reading and absorbing. As a photojournalist for over 30 years I am not easily impressed but this is a case where I certainly am. I will be adding you to my blogroll links on my blog.
Tips, tutorials and (mainly) photographic musings.

Benjamin Ziegler said...


Really nice pictures on your website :)
I really enjoyed looking at your portfolio.
What i really apreciate is that you handle many pictures themes.

Hopefully, i'll have the chance to travel as much as you did. So far i try to manage 1 trip/year (Costa-Rica, US Badlands and Australia).

Benjamin Ziegler

AV Dig llc said...

Found your link on the Strobist enjoyed the pictures and words. I was never good a Geography I had to look up the location (although I had a good Idea were it was). Found out it's or its a National Park, anyway if you had GPS you could jot down the coordinates and make it simple.
Just a thought Kind Regards.

steve said...

Great stuff, wonderful images.

Also came here via strobist.

The Frat Boy is the US version of the English soccer hooligan - tolerable at home but a downright embarrassment abroad.

A comment on a comment - hope I never feel the need to point out the difference between its and it's. Classy response btw.

David said...

Dude, you were a blogger 20 years ago. They just hadn't invented the medium yet.

And yes, your mother is a saint.

Great to run into you at Arco Iris and catch up after 20 years.

Dave H

Joey Zab said...

Great photos. Got this link via strobist too. Tried blogging from the road too but it's hell. or maybe I just lack the discipline. Keep up the good work.


Paul Souders said...

Thanks to Dave for the plug, and for the great comments from his community. I'm heading to Hawaii's Big Island tomorrow morning, and then on to Australia next week.

We'll see if I can keep up the momentum after another month on the road...

Tannia said...

Very nice pic!! I really like Costa Rica because is a beautiful country and Manuel Antonio is amazing.
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