Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Final Tally - Australia

Final Australia Tally

Days Travel: 27

Number of Digital Frames: 39,554 (including tedious time-lapse frames)

Number of 35mm Film Frames : 3

Kilometers Driven: 10,692

Maximum Speed: 161 km/hr

Number of McDonald's Receipts: 16 (curse you, free wi-fi)

Total hours flown on Qantas: 27

Total hours slept on Qantas: 0.25

Total movie watched on same: 9

Total Books Read: 1.7

Total Equipment Casualties: Two lenses dropped, one tripod...misplaced


Cabe said...

Hint, stop leaving them in the bush.....

If you ever come to the UK and want someone to guard your tripods, give us a shout :)

Excellent series of blogs, enjoyed them all.

Paul Dymond said...

That's a serious set of images mate, good luck processing that lot!

Henry said...

Very awesome series! I had been eagerly awaiting every new post. Love reading your stuff here and seeing all the photos.

Free wifi at McDonald's? They charge us here!

Paul Souders said...

NSW and Victoria both offered free internet access. It's the first time I've set foot in McD's in years...

Bruce Wood said...

Paul: Thanks for the escape from a New England winter. Where are we going next?

HandE Graphix said...

As always. It's fun to catch up on the blog. I look forward to each new post.

Anyway to get those lens' repaired, or are they okay?


Paul Souders said...

I'm kicking around a couple ideas for the next trip. One is to do the Great American Road Trip, but in a particularly OCD fashion. 50 states in 100 days. At least one dispatch from each state and DC.

I hope someone talks me out of this...

HandE Graphix said...

Do it! No talking out of it.