Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hyannis, Massachusetts

My vision of Cape Cod is one big J. Crew catalog shoot. Willowy and tanned Ivy League blondes, warm sun on lighthouses and Kennedy's behaving badly. I guess if you know where to look, it's all still there, but there sure seem to be a lot of extras wandering into the corner of the frame.

There's still a kind of suavity and glamor clinging to this place, and it must be very nearly heaven to a certain class of white people. The kind of guy with casual ease and grace and just a touch of careless cruelty. Jay Gatsby in polo shirt and docksiders. The kind of guy I always hoped to become. And never even came close.

In Hyannis, I look for a spot to park and walk to the shore, but every lot is blocked by someone richer, better looking and smarter than me charging admission. There's one empty lot and I duck in, but a guy saunters over and tells me it's for residents only. I need to use the visitor's lot. For twenty dollars.

I look up and sputter..."Um, is there a place where I can just go of like out west, where we have this big ocean and pretty much anybody can drive up and just hang out and admire the scene...Is there a place like that around here someplace?"

He looks with me with thinly disguised contempt and asks "You gonna' be long?"

"Five minutes, I swear."

I have come to accept that I will never be as suave as Gatsby. But it hurts that I’m not even as cool as his parking lot attendant.

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mdm said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog just as my friends and I enjoyed meeting you at Sandy Neck Beach on Cape Cod as you photographed the children...just remember that some Cape Codders are welcoming :) and, dare I say, normal?